2017 HATCHING IS DONE.  Thank You!  


At our Lake Orion, MI farm, we hatch Pure Breed Ancona Ducklings in April & May each season .  Varieties include Black, Chocolate, Blue, Lilac, Lavender, Silver and Tri-Colors.  Pricing is $12.00 for each Duckling with a min. of 2 adopted.

We breed with regards to the highest standard of quality, color, conformation, & random markings.  We hatch ducklings in accordance with the breed standard.  We love raising these rare unique beautiful colored ducks.  They have excellent calm temperaments and humorous personalities making them wonderful pets.  Pato Loco Sales is a Conservation Breeder Preserving a Critically Endangered Breed and a proud member of The Livestock Conservancy. 

We sell the Ducklings as "straight run" only, we do not sex them.  We always hand raise all ducklings from hatching till adoption.  We include a complete care instruction sheet and will gladly answer all your questions before and after you adopt.  Your new Ducklings will be placed in a corrugated gable box, as shown, for their trip home.

We pride ourselves in providing the best possible living conditions for our pet flock of rare Ancona Ducks.  This ensures our ducks produce healthy happy baby ducks.  When you arrive at our Ancona Duck Farm to adopt your baby ducks, you can take your time playing with the ducklings to ensure you get your perfect picks!  You can also view our adult ducks while they freely play and swim in our spacious country lot.  Our pets are never cage or pen raised.  They are only securely cooped nightly to protect from predators.  We do not use breeding pens.  Our girls live carefree happy lives.  All ducklings are hatched in incubators.  It is important to Pato Loco Sales that our customers know how we treat our pets.

***  We Also Sell Ancona Hatching Eggs from March - July.  See Below for Details.


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1) Baby Ducks must be picked up at our Lake Orion, MI Farm.  No Shipping Available. 

2) A Full Non-Refundable Payment Required on all Reservations. * This deposit covers time & energy spent hatching eggs, food & bedding until Ducklings re-sold in case of cancellation.

3) Customer pays duckling reservation via PayPal (includes VISA, MC, Discover, Amex).  Simply Click on the "ADD to CART " button below.

4) Customer will receive an invoice from PayPal and an email confirmation from Pato Loco Sales once deposit is received.

5) Fertile Duck Eggs are collected & stored till full batch is ready for incubator.

6) Duck Eggs are incubated for up to 30 days.

7) Once Ducklings hatch, Pato Loco Sales will contact customer to schedule pickup day & time.  Ducklings MUST be picked up within 3 days from notification scheduling.  A 50 cents charge per duckling per day boarding fee will be added to orders not picked up within the 3 days.

8) Any orders that cannot be filled from first hatching will be first on list for fullfillment on second hatching. We do our very best for successful hatch rates but cannot guarantee 100% results.

9) We sell all supplies needed to raise ducklings. Cash Only Sales at time of duckling pick up - No Large Bills Please, unless your order requires most of it!


The hatching dates listed above are the 28th day when hatching is due to begin.  Hatching can occur (1) day earlier or up to (2) days later.  Once hatched, we observe ducklings for up to (3) days to ensure they are doing well.  After which, we contact all customers with reservations to schedule a day & time for pick up.

Any remaining ducklings will be offered first to customers on waiting list for the next hatch.  We sell all supplies needed to raise the ducklings.  We look forward to meeting you soon :)











We sell Hatching Eggs from March - July.  Once order is placed, the eggs are carefully collected, handled and turned daily until you pick them up.  The eggs are never washed. You will receive the freshest, high quality, very best fertile eggs to begin your hatching.  The rest is up to you!

We offer NO guarantees of any kind with our hatching eggs. We conduct random fertility tests weekly on our eggs at our farm to ensure high fertility rates.  Too many variables come into play with hatching eggs including customer handling, incubator inaccuracies, ect.  Please make sure you are properly educated in the complete hatching process for duck eggs.  We recommend having your incubator properly running with correct temp. & humidity for at least 24 hrs before adding eggs.


The Cost for 1 Dozen Ancona Hatching Duck Eggs is $30.00.  Local Pick Up Only during April - July.  We do not ship eggs.  Cash Only Payment at time of pick up.  Please Email us your order.



Genetics of Ancona Colors:

Black (base color) = Black + Black or Black Male + Choc. Female (1 choc allele)

Chocolate = Black Female + Chocolate Male = 50% Choc. Female & 50% Black Male or Black Male + Choc. Female (2 choc. allele)

Blue (blue gray) = Black + Blue (1 allelle)

Lavender (purple gray) = Chocolate + Blue (1 allele)

Lilac (light Lavender) = Chocolate + Blue (2 alleles)

Silver (very light gray) = Black + Blue (2 alleles)

Tri-Color (any variation) = No Black alleles + alleles of other colors

Pato Loco Sales strives to ensure 100% customer satisfaction.  We hope you will recommend us to your family & friends.