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Hatching Duck Eggs In The Classroom Program:

Pato Loco Sales offers approved Teachers the opportunity to involve their students in the science project of hatching duck eggs.  Teachers can involve students in embryo development in a classroom setting. 


  • Pato Loco Sales will provide 1 Dozen Rare Hatching Ancona Duck Eggs & Food to a selected number of approved teachers (prior poultry hatching exp. required, Duck preferred) during the hatching school season of April-May. 

  • Teachers must provide proof of MI Education Certificate & Sign this Contract to be approved.

  • Pato Loco Sales will provide a Step by Step Guide, Complete Training Manual, Data Chart, & Complete Care Instructions along with answering teachers hatching questions throughout hatching cycle.

  • Incubation & Hatching must Begin after Spring Break and Finish by Middle of the Month of May.

  • Teachers must pick up the hatching duck eggs from Pato Loco Sales at the Lake Orion, MI farm.  No deliveries available. 

  • Teachers must provide their own Incubator (not styrofoam type), Thermometer, Hygrometer, & Candling Flashlight for successful hatching. 

  • Teachers must also provide their own Brooder Cage, Heat Lamp, & drown-proof Water Bowl for newly hatched ducks or they can purchase from Pato Loco Sales.

  • Teachers participating in this project must communicate results weekly to Pato Loco Sales throughout the hatching cycle via email.

  • Teachers will email Pato Loco Sales pictures of ducklings hatching in incubator and of completed hatch.  A description on how classroom learned & enjoyed program is welcomed.

  • All Ancona Hatching Eggs are the property of Pato Loco Sales and are ON-LOAN to the classroom for observation and learning purposes.

  • Any & All Hatched Ducks are the property of Pato Loco Sales and MUST be returned to the Lake Orion, MI farm within 5 days after hatching.  All unhatched eggs also need to be returned for examination.

  • Students/families interested in adopting ducks can make appointment with Pato Loco Sales through the company website.  Ducks can be picked up from Lake Orion farm after they have been examined for health and wellness.  Families will receive instructions for proper duckling care.

  • Pato Loco Sales asks teachers to post company website sign near incubator during entire hatching cycle for educational & advertising purposes.


Interested teachers can contact Pato Loco Sales through company website for further information.  We look forward to providing classrooms with this opportunity of witnessing beautiful Rare Ancona Duckling Hatchings.


We have 11 hatched.  My classroom and the other teachers are enjoying this so much.  The preschool and after school program already visited them with their teachers while I had my staff meeting.  the kindergarten classes are hoping to visit on Monday.  Thank you for the opportunity. 

- Clinton Twp. Teacher - 3rd Grade


8 ducklings hatched.  My 4th and 5th grade students enjoyed the hatching experience that Pato Loco Sales offered us.  We were able to candle the duck eggs every few days to watch the development inside to relate to our life cycle and body system interaction sections of the science curriculum.  The hatching was so special and it was great that each student could have the opportunity to watch as the ducks made their first pip to the final moment they were out of the shell. 

- Macomb Teacher - 4th & 5th Grade


9 ducklings hatched.

- Macomb Teacher - 4th Grade


8 ducklings hatched.  It was a wonderful experience for my students to learn about life cycles by making first hand observations and having a vested interest in the outcome.  My third graders watched over their babies for 28 days, checking temperature and humidity, and candling the eggs to see how they were developing.  In the end, they were able to witness the hatching process and share in the joy of helping to bring a new life into the world.  It is always amazing to me.  Thank you for letting us be a part of it!

- Grosse Pointe Woods Teacher - 3rd Grade