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Since we strive to breed and maintain the healthiest and happiest ducks, we do not provide public tours of our Adult Duck Farm, Play Areas & Ponds, due to Biosecurity Management.  This safe practice helps to eliminate any unnecessary stress to the ducks.  Thank you for your understanding of the health & welfare of our Rare Ancona Ducks.  We do offer a contact area for the Ducklings when you arrive to adopt, and a viewing area to watch the Adult Ducks in their habitat.  Please visit our "Ducklings - Just Hatched" page for more info.

Biosecurity means we will do everything to keep diseases out of our flock. "Bio" refers to life, and "Security" indicates protection.  Biosecurity Management is the key to keeping our poultry alive and healthy.  We want to reduce the chances of an infectious disease being carried to our farm and our ducks.  Therefore, customers are not allowed to enter our duck enclosure habitat. 


Pato Loco Sales cannot take back ducks for biosecurity reasons.  Once you adopt your ducks from us, they cannot be returned for any reason.  While we pride ourselves on raising healthy quality ducks, we are unable to make any guarantees since we have no control over their living conditions once they leave our farm.

Sincerely, Pato Loco Sales


                                          Ducks playing through bubble window in hut.




I just absolutely adore my Anconas, out of the four Anconas my husband and I picked out we got all females and they just started laying eggs a few weeks ago. They have such wonderful personalities and I wouldn't know what to do without them. Thank you for hatching and selling such a wonderful breed of ducks!

-- Emily

I adopted 4 ducklings from Pato Loco Sales.  They follow me everywhere when I am outside, it's awesome.  They found the neighbor’s pond while free ranging and were so crazy excited it was hilarious.  They are the most charming animals, with awesome temperaments, and are incredibly good natured birds.  Thanks for your information and advice.   I love my little flock from your farm.  This has been the best summer ever.

-- DeeAnn

Your website is so well developed, informative, and personable.  Anyone wanting to adopt and experience the pleasure of owning these ducks should feel they have definitely found the perfect breeder/proud owner of Ancona Ducks.  I felt secure/confident adopting ducklings from your site.

-- Julie

She took my reservation and contacted me as soon as the ducklings hatched.  She was very flexible scheduling a time for me to pick up the ducks.  Good communication and very easy to work with.

-- Katie


Very polite and friendly towards me and my daughters.  We were allowed to take our time playing with the ducklings until my daughters picked out their favorites.  All our questions were answered and Nancy even set up a complete brooder cage for us to purchase.

-- Jennifer


The baby ducks were so cute.  Each one had different spots and patches of color.  I adopted 4 ducklings and they are all doing great and growing fast. 

-- Karen


Nancy answered all my questions and was wonderful to work with.  I wanted to surprise my fiancé with these beautiful ducks for our new home and pond.  I had many questions on housing and shelter for our new ducks.  Nancy happily answered my questions weeks after I adopted the baby ducks.

-- Steve


I never knew how much fun baby ducks could be.  She told me how each duckling has a different personality and how they bond with you as their Mother.  They follow me all over my farm and it's adorable how they all stay together.  Thank you so much, my family loves them!

-- Cindy


When we arrived to the farm, we were welcomed inside immediately.  The baby ducks were all playing in a large pen.  My kids were so excited playing with them.  We were able to purchase all our supplies at reasonable prices and we were given written instructions to properly care for them.  We were also able to view the adult ducks swimming in their pond through the large windows of the house. 

-- Mark


My three ducklings I adopted keep getting more beautiful as they grow.  Their colors and patterns are developing so wonderfully.  They greet me as soon as I enter their enclosure and are such cool pets.  Thank you :)

-- Anne   

Just wanted to let you know the two duckies we got from you are doing fine in their new home. They are truly little characters. What a joy they are and what a great addition to the family. Thanks for everything.

-- Barbara



Pato Loco Sales is Growing.  Our Ancona Duck Night Time Coop was a 4.5'x7' Shed w/Fencing and now it is a 11.5' Round Hut w/Windows & Skylight.  Our Flock officially moved in 10.13.14 even though we haven't completed the siding :)